Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. Our router(s) weren’t working until yesterday (which means no internet). So, I have many things to say! Firstly, I went to Montreal on Friday. We went back to the Jean-Talon market and I had a cocoa slushie at Chocolate Privilege which was amazing! Then we went to the Olympic stadium, had a tour and went up the tower to find an awesome view up there! Secondly, I have my page! Please stop by and look at it! Thirdly, what would look cute on my Samoyed?

I really can’t decide! Lastly, I’m giving away my star search jacket! At least 25 people must enter. TTYL!



After months of looking, I got Ember Amber and my second crown!

Have you guys tried Alyssa’s Star Challenge? I only found one star so far! I’m really bad at it! Anyways, I just wanted to say that all comments containing links are held for moderation. Even if it is a contest, it doesn’t matter. I won’t delete your comments, but if you advertise allot, I will delete them. Should I make an ad page? Anyways, TTYL.


Metro memories.

Yola! Been to long since I’ve said that! Toronto is really cool! Malls there are much better! I had to spend my money on clothes because that is all the other girls were shopping for. I got a top from Hollister, a dress from West 49, accessories from Claire’s and a top, jeans and another dress from Billabong. It was really neat taking the TO metro. I like that is under and above ground. I also got a Webkinz outside of TO that I’m going to name after a rider in Le Tour De France, but I’m not sure which one. As soon as I left, the only PC that was in working order stopped working. Anyways, I’m going make a page about the Tour before the end of this week!




Tomorrow (Sunday) I’m leaving for Toronto. I kinda don’t want to go, but I have to. I’ll be back on the fourth but might not post until 5th of July. Don’t miss today’s activities! From now until I get back, all comments are moderated. I might pick up a little something for a contest! TTYL!


After being released from phyciatric ward on Monday, reports say that Stanley is a changed ‘kinz. But an anonymous witness has said that Paul Stanley has been buying large amounts of guitars and other instruments. What could this mean?

Tifany Bones

Now to me! This week is Gymbo week to show appreciation for Gymbo! So send her gifts and go chat with her! Also, Kinzblog/Atomicolicious is having another giveaway for two super beds! Here is the link: Kinzblog Super Bed Giveaway!

Also, my friend Alex isn’t changing schools! TTYL!


I am Free!


I just got out of P4K earlier today! I’m sad because my friend Alex is changing schools next year. But if she doesn’t like it she’ll go to the same school as me. I went camping earlier this week. It was quite pretty there! We climbed up a stream! Another sad note is that Mrs. L won’t teach us next year. Riley has a funny nick name for her replacement, but it involves some mean words. I have no clue who the principal is yet, but they must be better than M.R.! She replaced Mrs. PP. My brother didn’t win many awards at grad but his school mate from way back in my school, Mary, and his grade 8 teacher’s daughter, Audrey, won so many things! Anyways, I am tired of typing so I’ll be back latter!


PS- Here is a poem for Gymbo in case she ever comes to my blog sometime soon! Thank you Gymbo!  😀

Gymbo is an angel, an angel from above.
She is the best angel with a heart full of love.
She gives and gives lots of stuff, wants nothing in return
But we thank with small gifts, but nothing like an urn!
So I sent her an angel dress
And her heart I bless.

We all ♥ Gymbo!

Hi! I never get the last gem! It is so frustrating! For over a month I have tried to get this gem. Oh well, I’ll keep trying.


PS- I ♥ Tarina Tarantino and Sanrio! And I ♥ making ♥’s!